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Kalyana Prathanai

 INR 981/-

USD 54

Sahasranama Puja

INR 2500/-

USD 85

Swami and Ambal Abishegam

INR 11.000/-

USD 175

Explanation of Puja Options

Kalyana Prathanai:

This puja and prasadam are meant especially for those who are seeking an early and blessed marriage. Delay in marriage could be occurring due to various reasons but by offering this puja one can hope to get blessed with finding a life partner soon and also a suitable life partner.

What will you get?

  • Kumkum Packet
  • Vibuthi Packet
  • Small Photo

Puja Charges

Devotees Living in India: Rs. 981 /-

Devotees Living in Outside India (NRI’s): 54 USD

Sahasranama Puja

Special puja that is offered only on Fridays. This puja is performed to Ambal. For this puja 2 garlands will be used. Naivaidyam (either of chakkarai pongal/sweet pongal or kesari baath) will be offered to Ambal.

What will you get?

  • Kumkum Packet
  • Vibuthi Packet
  • Small Photo
  • Garland – if living in India

Puja Charges

Devotees Living in India: Rs. 2500/-

Devotees Living Outside India (NRI’s) : 85 USD

Swami and Ambal Abishegam

This is a Abishegam that will be jointly offered to Swami and Ambal. 2 sets of Archanai Items will be purchased and offered. For this puja 2 garlands and 2 sets of clothes (vastrams) will also be included. Naivaidyam of sweet pongal or kesari baath will also be offered during the puja.

What will you get?

  • Kumkum Packet
  • Vibuthi Packet
  • Small Photo
  • Theertham – small bottle
  • 1 Vastram

Puja Charges

Devotees Living in India: Rs. 11,000/-

Devotees Living Outside India (NRI’s) : 175 USD

Important Note: 

The rates for the puja vary from the temple rates as we have to cover extra costs of payment to gurukal, shipping of prasadam, our service charges etc.

Rates inclusive of packing and shipping charges:

  • We ship using Indian Speed Post.
  • Delivery within India takes 5-8 days after the date of performing puja.
  • Delivery outside India takes 15 – 20 days after the date of performing puja.

We Are Here To Perform Pujas’s On Your Behalf:

We understand that you may not be able to visit the temple personally. Don’t worry we are here for you.

We will perform the puja on your behalf and send you the prasadam from the temple. We take care and ensure that we:

  • Follow prescribed rituals while performing puja
  • Pack prasadam safely and dispatch it within 1-2 days after puja
  • Ensure that the prasadam reaches you safely. If there is a problem we offer another puja in your name and resend the prasadam at no extra cost
  • Will clarify all your doubts and help you in any way we can
  • Send you detailed procedure on using the prasadam correctly

Why should you order pujas from our website?

  • 100% Guarantee of Prasadam Reaching You Anywhere in The World:

Since 2011, we have sent prasadams to over 10,000 devotees residing in more than 50 countries around the world. We almost never have a problem with the delivery of the prasadam and on rare occasions when we do we take the responsibility of ensuring the prasadam reaches you by performing another puja and re-sending the prasadam at no extra cost.

  • Secure Checkout and confidentiality of information:

We use Paypal and Payumoney the two most reputed Payment Gateways. By using these payment Gateways we ensure that all of your information is secure and encrypted. We take security and confidentiality seriously. We never share your details with any third party.

  • Support:

E-Mail us anytime for any query: saifoundation@gmail.com